We Build Confidence in Women 

We empower Black Women to overcome self-doubt,

step into their superpowers, and build their self-esteem;

to create, live and love their lives.

Hello ladies,

My name is MizzPatricia

I am a Personal Development coach who specializes in Self-Confidence and ADHD Awareness. I empower Black Women to step into their confidence fearlessly, in every aspect of their lives.

We do this by overcoming self-doubt, and eliminating the limiting beliefs that keep them from building the self-esteem needed to step into their power so that they can confidently create, live and love their lives and become Self-Aware.

It's time for women to speak for themselves and create the world they desire because we deserve to live a life we create for ourselves and not the one made for us.

Success Stories

You have talent.

You are great at pinpointing people’s gifts and talents. 

You made me realize that my $8.00 eBook is worth hundreds.

All I had to do was change the packaging. 

Coach MizzPatricia, her talent is helping you to discover yours.

Bernie D.

Even if it was a little bit hard, you helped me search within me and made me think deeper to find solutions.

Mireille N

The biggest breakthrough I had while working with Patricia is shedding self-doubts. I had to connect with my power & story deeply.

With the sessions, I was able to reconnect with my triumphs & I cannot forget the statement that 'I am a forever.'

What I liked most were the examples she presented by drawing them out from my own story and the positive language she used.

If you are looking to work with Patricia, I must say her work is deep & empowering.  

If I have to describe in 3 words what's it's like working with Patricia, I would say is a Safe Place, Caring, and definitely Transformational.

Shubham Jhawar

So I’m still pondering over this $100 waistbead, lol.

When Nipsey Hussle passed away, the one thing I took from his life as a businessman was how he made his 1st million.

He made a mixtape and sold every unit for $100 !! A MIXTAPE !!!

I would sit on that for months after he passed away, thinking, “what do I have possession of that I can make $100 each time I sale it?”

Mind you, I had already started my company. It never occurred to me that I had a million dollars in front of me until now!!

Thank you, Patricia :rose::black_heart:

Tasha G.

MizzPatricia's Affirmation


Do you want to believe in yourself and your abilities to accomplish whatever you have in mind?

Why Empower Black Women and Build Awareness of ADHD?

December 2019, in the middle of a crisis, I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 32. I have never felt more free!

I understand myself in a whole new level. Becoming even more aware of myself, after years on a self-discovery journey that built my self-confidence.

Empowering black women is important to me because, on my own, it took me over 20 years to let go of my limiting beliefs and to become the confident woman I am today.

Now, I dedicate myself to supporting women in their transformation by building their self-worth and self-awareness to become more confident.

How Can I Serve You?

Through Courses, 1 on 1 and Group coaching:

  • I will empower you overcome the stigma that keeps you, as a black woman, from accepting ADHD, and working towards living your best life.
  • I will assist you in figuring out what is standing in the way of you reaching your goals
  • I will support your transformation as you emerge into the versions of yourself you have been waiting to become all your life.
  •  I will empower you to conquer self-doubt and change the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.
  • I will guide you from being filled with doubts to having an abundance of certainty.

With a deeper self-awareness, and self-acceptance you will believe in yourself and understand your worth to create, live, and love your life confidently.

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