MizzPatricia, Founder of MizzPatricia.com


Hello, my dear inspiring Goddess!

My name is Patricia. I am in my early 30s, I live in chilly Minnesota with my husband, Alex, and spend a lot of my time telling my two best friends Joe and Kara my hopes, goals, and dreams.

My current dreams include the launching of my blog and vlog on August 8, 2020! I have a lot of work to do! I look forward to the life long friendships I will make on this journey.


In my past as a nanny as a teen, Nursing Assistant while in school, and now an IT specialist, I enjoy helping people and learning something new every day.


I am new to the blogging world but taking it head-on. Well, to be 100% honest, I had a blogger account that I used as a journal. I did about 20-25 posts and had over 7000 views.

I can not begin to explain to you how this helped me grow. Through the blog, I created a community on Google+, called “Big Beautiful People and Their Friends” back in 2012. I brought together women and men who needed a support system or wanted to be a supporter.

Screenshot I sent my husband back in 2015

This group came about, when I was starting my first of many journeys of self-acceptance and self love. Knowing that there is power in numbers, I created the community that I needed and helped others find self love as well. Though people lost interest in Google+, by the end of Google+, I had over 3000 members.

Not considering this a business or a future career, I did not make plans to bring my group out of Google+. A regret I will live with.


At the time, I was not looking to get into blogging and creating content as a full-time career. I did not understand that I HAD found my calling, by filling a need that many could relate to. I never imagined the impact the group would make in my life, and also the lives of others.

I learned to LOVE sharing things and the many struggles in my life and experiences. I never dreamt I would become the voice of a community that I created in a desperate attempt to get over a bad relationship and start a new with myself.

When I look back, I laugh, because, at the time, I did not know this was why I started blogging and leading the group. I felt compelled to create the group, and so I did.

It is the same feeling I have right now, as my brand grows. I came here to help my fellow sisters, but in the process, I am being edified. 


At this moment, I am in living a more balanced and in a better place in life. I look forward to growing a new community, with a specific goal of lifting other women and making this my legacy.

For me, starting a business has three purposes. One, I see blogging and vlogging as my creative outlet. Two, I also see it as my chance to be a successful Haitian-African-American Entrepreneur who will help her entire family rise over the glass ceiling.

Third, starting my own business is not JUST about my family and me. The most essential part of starting this path is Y O U ! ! !

My ultimate PURPOSE is to be YOUR voice. And for the many Goddesses, that => Y O U <= will represent and be their VOICE of change, strength, and courage.

MY GOAL black woman hands out

I will create a community of self love, growth, and inner joy to make your life, my fellow Goddess, a little easier or sprinkle some sunshine into your day.

I will accomplish this, by showing you our connection, I get you, I have been through the same things.

now, I will show you how to find and free yourself. My journey has no end; I know that by being around you, I too will learn new things.

To be frank, I do not yet know how I will share this powerful message with you. I picture myself helping women gain confidence in themselves, this could be by self love or improving a skill set.

I have ideas on eBooks, courses, and even a couple of apps I would like to develop and make this world of ours just a little brighter. I am looking forward to becoming a lifestyle coach, perhaps even just a “help you gain confidence in yourself and business” coach.

When I am financially independent, and a full-time blogger, I want to get into art, music and maybe some serious writing.  I love to knit and crochet while I listen to a good book or tv show too. I don’t have time for that anymore. I want to create the time for it. I am a creator at heart, and it’s time for that part of me to shine. I am an artist at heart for sure!